Bylaws of the Tulane University Women’s Association
Revised January 2020

The name and title of this association is the Tulane University Women’s Association (TUWA).
The Tulane University Women’s Association, first called the Tulane University Club, was
founded in 1910 by wives of the faculty and staff. This organization complies with the rules and
standards of Tulane University.
Mission Statement:
The goal of the organization is to support the Tulane University academic and athletic programs
and to link old and new members of the University community through common interests, social
events, and service to Tulane and New Orleans.
Article I. Membership
Sec. A. The members of the Association shall be designated as members and honorary lifetime
members. Payment of dues shall not apply to honorary lifetime members. Newcomers may be
exempt from paying dues the first year.
Sec B. Active or retired faculty and staff members, their spouses or partners, widows and
widowers of active or retired faculty and staff members, and alumni shall be eligible to become
members upon payment of the current annual dues of the Association. Immediate family of
members are also eligible for membership. If a member’s formal ties to Tulane University end,
he or she may become a member or continue as a member upon payment of the current annual
Sec C. Those without formal Tulane affiliations who volunteer their services to Tulane University
or TUWA on a regular basis may become members upon payment of annual dues.
Sec D. Parents, faculty, and staff members of Lusher Charter School may become members
upon payment of annual dues.
Sec E. Current and Emeritus members of the Board of Administrators of the Tulane Educational
Fund and the Tulane University Medical Center Board of Governors, as well as their spouses or
partners are welcome to join TUWA.
Sec F. Honorary TUWA lifetime membership may be conferred by the Executive Committee at
its discretion, in recognition of outstanding service to the Association.
Tulane University Women’s Association Bylaws II
Article II. Funds of the Association
Sec A. The amount of annual dues shall be set by the TUWA Board. Charges for some events
of the Association may be made. Fees for Activity Groups may be set and collected by the
individual Activity Groups.
Sec B. The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on July first and close on June thirtieth and
dues paid during that time period will be credited to the fiscal year in which they are collected.
Sec C. General funds may be disbursed by the Treasurer upon the authority of a President.
“President” is defined as: TUWA President(s), President(s)-elect, or Immediate Past
Sec D. The Form of Resolution for signing checks should be signed by the Treasurer and a
Sec E. No Governing Board member shall receive any compensation for services to the
Association. Upon approval by Governing Board, TUWA non-board members may be
remunerated for services.
Sec F. This Association is a not-for-profit organization. It shall be devoted exclusively to the
objects and purposes set forth in these by-laws, and no part of the income or assets of the
Association shall ever inure to the benefit of any member. All funds received from dues or from
any source shall be expended solely for the objects and purposes of the Association. No part of
the income or assets of the Association shall be used for the dissemination of propaganda or for
attempting to influence legislation.
Article III. Governing Board
Sec A. The Board shall be composed of:
1. The Executive Board
a. President(s)
b. President(s)-elect
c. Immediate Past President(s)
d. Treasurer
e. Recording Secretary
f. Corresponding Secretary
The term “President” equally refers to a, b and c.
2. Additional Officers
a. University President and spouse or partner
b. Newcomers Chair
c. Newcomb Alumnae Association Liaison
d. Membership Chair
e. Webmaster
f. Any elected Board Advisor
3. Board Members at Large- a minimum of 10
Tulane University Women’s Association Bylaws III
Sec B. When there are Co-Presidents, they shall serve staggered terms; one Co-President
should be in his or her first year, and the other should be in his or her second year in office.
Sec C. The Governing Board shall meet at least four times a year. A quorum of the Governing
Board shall be ten members, and a majority vote of Board members present at any meeting
shall be required to take action.
Sec D. The Governing Board shall be elected at the annual spring meeting and shall assume
duties on July first.
Sec E. A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board, and the Presidentelect
shall serve as chair. The nominating committee shall consist of the Chair and at least four
members from the Governing Board. The committee shall nominate a complete slate of
candidates for the incoming Board. The President-elect shall also contact the existing Board
members about willingness to continue serving on the Board.
Sec F. The President(s) shall appoint Committee Chairs or request volunteers from the
membership as necessary to carry out the functions of the Association.
Sec G. Any vacancy occurring on the Governing Board other than President(s) shall be filled by
appointment by the President(s) with the approval of the Executive Board. In the event of a
vacancy in the office of President, the Immediate Past President shall succeed to that office and
serve the unexpired term.
Article IV. Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in the spring of each year on a date
designated by the Executive Committee. Special meetings of the membership may be held at
the discretion of the Board.
Article V. Activity Groups and Committees
Sec A. All members may participate in any or all of the Activity Groups unless the group is
restricted by nature or by express action of the Governing Board. Only members of the
Association may be members of activity groups. At the discretion of the members of an activity
group, guests of members may attend a limited number of meetings.
Sec B. The Activity Groups Chair shall act as coordinator of all Activity Groups. She or he shall
inform the Governing Board of the functions of the groups and shall communicate to the group
chairs the actions of the Governing Board. The formation of any new activity group must be
approved by the Governing Board. Each Activity Group shall choose its own chair and such
officers as it deems necessary. Any Activity Group may formulate policies to govern the group,
but such policies shall not be inconsistent with these articles and shall be subject to the
approval of the Governing Board.
Sec C. The Newcomers’ Group shall be a permanent group of the Association and shall be
limited to members who have been connected with Tulane University for a period of no more
than two academic years.
Tulane University Women’s Association Bylaws IV
Sec D. The Jane Segar Longenecker Award Committee shall be a permanent committee. It
consists one current president and four or more past recipients. The criteria for selecting a
recipient shall be incorporated into the written Policies and Procedures.
Sec E. The Governing Board may authorize such other committees or special chairs as may be
necessary for the administration of the Association.
Article VI. Amendments and Effective Date
Sec A. These articles may be amended, modified, or altered by the Governing Board by a vote
of two-thirds of the entire membership of the Governing Board at a meeting of the Board called
for that purpose. Written notice, such as an emailed Agenda, must be given to all Board
members three full days in advance of such a meeting, said notice setting out in full the
proposed amendment(s).
Sec B. If the agenda of a general meeting includes making changes to the bylaws of the
Association, notice of proposed changes must be included in the announcement of the
meeting. These articles shall, upon adoption by the Governing Board and ratification by the
general membership, take effect in the fiscal year following adoption.
Sec C. The Governing Board may compile a written set of Policies and Procedures outlining the
ongoing governance of the Association. Changes in the Policies and Procedures may be
approved by the majority of the Governing Board and do not require ratification by the general
membership. The Policies and Procedures should be filed with the Bylaws by the recording
Article VII. Longenecker Higher Education Fund
In 1994, Dr. Herbert Longenecker created the Higher Educational Fund, a donation of funds to
Tulane University. This fund is used to generally support the programs of The Tulane University
Women’s Association and to establish the Jane Segar Longenecker Award, to honor his wife. In
February 2019 the Tulane Board of Administrators renewed TUWA’s access to these funds for
the award and for the general support of TUWA for 30 years, at which time (February 2049), reevaluation
of TUWA will occur.