The Longenecker Award was established by Dr. Herbert E. Longenecker, former President of Tulane University, to honor his wife Jane and to recognize women for long-time contributions to the Tulane University as a whole.  

The Longenecker endowment provides funding for nearly half of TUWA’s yearly operating budget.  Honorees are selected by the Tulane University Women’s Association in even-numbered years and by the Tulane University Health Sciences Auxiliary in the alternate years.  When the Longenecker Award is presented, the honoree receives a unique gold pin, custom designed for TUWA by famed jewelry artist Mignon Faget.  

Recipients of the Jane S. Longenecker Award

Doris S. Gordon (1994)

Arlene Lautenschlaeger (1995)

Ruth P. Jenkins (1996)

Barbara Knill (1997)

Mary Ellen Nice (1998)

Roz Lewy (1999)

Elsie Martinez (2000)

June Evans (2001)

Patty Andrews (2002)

Susan Bennett (2003)

Margie Scheuermann (2004)

Beverly Beal (2005)

Margaret Kelly (2006)

Paulette Freudenberger (2008)

Janet Hansche (2010)

Maria Daly (2012) 

Ruth Olivera (2013)

Jewelynn Nice (2014)

Doris Baron (2015)
Pam Rogers (2016)
Tupper Allen (2017)

Nancy Turner (2018)

Staci Sundmaker (2019)